Robots have become an indispensable and nearly ubiquitous tool. From agriculture to entertainment, health care to manufacturing, construction to transportation, robots perform a plethora of tasks with precision. Robots allow for lower production costs, improved product quality, increased productivity and reduced risk of workplace injury. Northwest Automation Products carries Cartesian coordinate robots and selective compliance assembly/articulated robot arm (SCARA) robots, among others.

Mitsubishi Robots

Rising labor costs. Widespread labor shortages. Fast-paced technological advances. Decreasing equipment costs. Increasing competition. These evolving market conditions have set the stage for rapid adoption of industrial robots. 

According to the International Federation of Robots (IFR), almost three million industrial robots are working in factories around the world. These workhorses handle the tedious, expensive, time-consuming, dirty, dull and dangerous jobs, so human workers can take on more valuable and rewarding tasks. 

Northwest Automation offers Mitsubishi Electric Robots and can help you choose the right robot for your application to put you on the path to improved production.

IAI Robotics

Northwest Automation Products is pleased to offer IAI’s many Cartesian robots for industrial use. Browse a range of 2 to 6 axis robots and select the attributes most appropriate for you. Pre-configured robots allow ease of installation and minimal downtime. Table top robots are available in cantilever and gate types. SCARA robots equipped with battery-free absolute encoders are lighter weight and provide shorter cycle times than conventional Cartesian robots. Or choose a high-speed conventional Cartesian robot.