Machine Vision

Essential to automatic inspection and robot guidance, machine vision enjoys use in a wide variety of fields. Northwest Automation Products is pleased to offer the full array of hardware and software machine vision products available from Datalogic. See the Datalogic machine vision catalog for vision sensors, vision processors, smart cameras, array-based and linescan GigE cameras, a vision sensor monitor, LED lights, and more.


Datalogic products enjoy worldwide use. The company consistently pursues innovation and has been a leader in the field of automation technology. Datalogic\’s machine vision products tap into the expertise of a similar-minded company. In 2011, Datalogic acquired PPT Vision, which had 30 years of experience and was a pioneer in the machine vision sector. The machine vision products provided in the Datalogic machine vision catalog are offered with the combined wisdom and experience of both companies. Datalogic\’s machine vision products accommodate a wide range of performance requirements and budgets. Find hardware and software for the solution you need.