Mitsubishi Robots – Intelligence, Integration, Safety

Evolutionary intelligence makes next-generation manufacturing a reality by realizing improvements in work processes, human-robot collaboration, and e-F@ctory compatibility.

The manufacturing industries are currently undergoing a period of significant change as a result of globalization and the market’s increasingly diverse consumer needs.

A single duty completed by industrial robots is no longer sufficient. Robots with the ability and flexibility to quickly take on more complex jobs are now required by industry.

The MELFA FR series offers fresh, smarter solutions that support “next-generation manufacturing,” providing a more straightforward method for sophisticated and adaptable production. You can use these robots for any automation you require.

  • With a wealth of operating areas and variations, it is the perfect fit for a variety of applications.
  • Ideal for a wide range of fields, from high-volume production of foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals that demands fast operation, through to assembling components where high levels of precision are required.
  • Designed to withstand environmental conditions, making it ideal for a wide range of applications without having to worry about the installation environment.

“Next-generation intelligent functions” make it simple to carry out work that has always defied automation. “Safe, collaborative work applications” allow robots and people to work together with high levels of safety.
“FA-IT integration functions” support next-generation manufacturing.
With these 3 key features, the FR Series is capable of handling virtually all your automation needs.

Improved Controller Performance

The performance of robot control is improved by the FR series controllers’ faster control cycles. The ability of the robot to digest information more quickly and with shorter cycle times increases productivity. Precision operation is also made feasible by integration with the numerous sensors.