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  • Robotics
    Cartesian coordinate robots and selective
    compliance assembly/articulated robot arm
    (SCARA) robots.
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  • Pneumatics
    Check out various pneumatic products from
    Numatics, CAP, Pneumahyde and Pneucon.
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  • Actuators
    Explore linear, servo, single-axis, rotary and
    cartesian actuators from popular brands
    such as IAI, ORMEC, ROLLON, Nippon, etc.
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  • Conveyors
    Northwest Automation Products offers Dorner
    conveyors for industrial, packaging, and
    sanitary use.
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  • Grippers
    Find grippers to fit your various robotic
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  • Rotary & Linear Systems
    Explore various linear and rotary systems
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  • Vacuum Products
    Explore a large selection of vacuum products
    from Numatics and EDCO.
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  • Machine Vision
    Browse through the Datalogic catalog for
    vision sensors, vision processors, and
    smart cameras.
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  • Laser Systems
    Northwest Automation Products carries
    Datalogic laser marking systems.
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  • Sensors
    Explore a broad selection of sensors designed
    for both generic and application-specific
    industrial use.
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  • Safety Products
    Shop for safety products such as safety mats,
    strips, fencing, light curtains, grids, test pieces,
    and more.
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  • PLC-Controls
    Shop for PLC controls which can be used in
    assembly lines, deep sea exploration,
    amusement rides, etc.
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  • Aluminum Extrusion
  • Fieldbus Products
  • Tubing & Accessories
  • Shock Absorbers

Northwest Automation Products (formerly known as Northwest Pneumatics, Inc.) specializes in finding the perfect product to suit your automation needs and maximize your production. Our sales team has decades of collective experience and proudly represents many industry leaders in automation products. Northwest Automation Products serves organizations of all sizes and many industries, from local proprietorships to multi-national corporations. Among others, Northwest Automation Products has assisted in meeting the needs of companies and corporations throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska specializing in fields such as semi-conductors, aerospace, medical, pharmaceutical, food processing, packaging, marine technology, forestry, and pulp and paper.

Dorner - Celebrating 50 Years in Business

Demands on production are a driving force behind the conveying industry manufacturing smart technological conveyor system solutions. Today, conveyor systems are engineered to provide versatility and ease that enhances existing production infrastructures and supports new working environments. These modern conveyor systems are evolved to fulfill the standards and requirements of various fast-paced specialized industries.